My tools

The following tools were designed to help you during the quitting process. Simply download and keep them handy!

Take these tests to find out what kind of smoker you are and what quitting method will work best for you.

  1. Take the dependency test (Fagerström test)
    This test is useful to determine and evaluate the level of tobacco dependence.
  2. Take the Why do you smoke? test (Horn test)
    This test will help you to better understand your smoking habits and the various factors that drive you to smoke

Cravings are driving you crazy? Don’t panic!

The SOS Challenge mobile app is a free and convenient tool to help you stay on track. Support from family and friends is just a click away.


  1. Download the app from the Challenge website.
  2. Transfer the contact information for your friends and loved ones from your address book (phone numbers) and from your social networks (Facebook, Twitter) into you support network.
  3. Send out an SOS message when you get a craving. An alert will be transmitted to your support network.
  4. Consult the app at any time to see the messages of encouragement via various means (on your phone – SMS, phone calls–, on Facebook, on Twitter).

Congratulate yourself or congratulate a friend for having quit smoking using the Challenge by downloading and printing one of the certificates!

Certificate of achievement – 6 weeks
Certificate of achievement – 6 months
Certificate of achievement – 1 year