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Capsana is a social enterprise owned by the ÉPIC Foundation, which is associated with the Montreal Heart Institute, and the Fondation PSI. Its mission is to help individuals take an active role in their health.


TOUGO is a credible and accessible source of information and tools that inspires Quebecers to take simple steps to find pleasure in living healthier lives.

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Quit to Win! Challenge

The Quit to Win! Challenge is a positive campaign that provides support to smokers who want to butt out. By registering, participants commit to not smoke for a period of 6 weeks.

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Smoke-Free Family

The Smoke-Free Family campaign provides information and raises awareness about the dangers of second-hand smoke to the health of children. The campaign invites current and future parents to take concrete action for the health of their children by making their home and car smoke-free.

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Take Care of Your Health!

Take Care of Your Health! is a Capsana program that takes an individual-centred approach to promoting disease prevention and health and wellness in the workplace.

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