Privacy Policy for Capsana’s health questionnaires

Capsana recognizes the importance you place on privacy protection. Capsana will never wilfully disclose personal information that would identify an individual without their express authorization. We believe people must be informed in advance how personal health information is collected and used.

We collect information that you choose to share with us when you register to use this site and when you use some of the site's applications, such as Capsana's health questionnaires and other interactive tools. Some applications automatically save information to make completing the current questionnaire easier.

Our definition of "personal information" includes, but is not limited to, any of the following:

  • E-mail address, password, health interests, health status and risks, and participation in any application on this site
  • Name, address, year of birth and information that may have been given to us by your employer (e.g., employee ID or employee number, job title, work email address, work phone number).

How we use and share your personal information for our workplace health programs.

  • Personalized phone follow-up. In certain cases, you will be asked if you want a follow up by a health professional. If you request to have a professional call you after having completed your questionnaire, the professional will be able to view your profile and have a discussion with you about how to continue maintaining a good state of health or how to intervene and start introducing changes to alter certain life style risks that may be impacting your health. In cases where a participant's health seems to be at immediate risk, a nurse will call to assess the situation and will have access to the participant's profile.
  • Aggregate reports. We only use your de-identified personal information to report aggregate and anonymous statistics to your employer.

Why we collect IP addresses

An IP address is a number automatically assigned to your computer whenever you access the Internet. IP addresses allow computers and servers to recognize and communicate with each other.

We collect and log the IP address of all site visitors so that we can properly administer our system and gather aggregate information about how our site is being used, including the pages viewed. We log the IP address but don't report this data.

How we use 'cookies'

Like many other Web portals, we use cookies (small text files) and other similar technology to authenticate users and to obtain information relating to the traffic on our site.

Most Web browsers automatically accept cookies but allow you to modify security settings so that you can approve or reject cookies on a case-by-case basis. Our site requires that both cookies and JavaScript be enabled. If you reject cookies from this site, you won't be able to access it.

How to update or delete your personal information

Once you've registered on the site, you can update the information in the "My Information" section at any time. We'll retain your personal information for a maximum period of 36 months. If you request your profile be deleted, we'll delete your current profile and give you the opportunity to re-register, according to the agreement between your employer and Capsana.

It is not technically possible for us to remove from our servers every record of the information you've provided to us. The need to back up our systems to protect information from inadvertent loss means that a copy of your personal information may exist in a non-erasable form, making the information difficult or impossible for us to locate.

How we protect your personal information

We encrypt all personally identifiable data you enter on this site with secure server software SSL ("Secure Sockets Layer"). The encryption means that your data is protected while it is transferred over the Internet to our servers. Once your data reaches our servers, the same state-of-the-art security software that guards our company's essential business data protects your personal data as well.

How we ensure children's privacy

This site is intended for adults ages 18 and older. It is not intended for or designed to attract people younger than 18. We don't permit registration by, nor do we collect personally identifiable information from, any person we know to be younger than 18.

How we communicate with you

As a registered user, you may be contacted concerning issues related to the management of the site or the servicing of your account.

Registering to use this site also provides you with these email communication options:

  • When you use certain applications on this site, you'll have the opportunity to opt-in to receive notifications concerning Capsana's programs.
  • You may also choose to receive information on our other programs or for research purposes.

Capsana's policies on the protection of confidential information

This section details the policy for the protection of personal information as applied by Capsana, its employees and representatives.


In its normal course of business, Capsana collects personal information about its employees, its clients and their employees, participants in its various campaigns and its subcontractors. All personal information collected respects the laws and regulations that apply to confidentiality and/or is subject to Capsana's policy for the protection of personal information.

Capsana is committed to ensuring the accuracy, confidentiality, security and private nature of the personal information it collects by stringently applying its policy and ensuring that it is respected by all of its employees and representatives.


The directors of business units and departments are responsible for ensuring that the policy is respected and taking the appropriate measures to facilitate its application on a day-to-day basis. In cases where the policy is not respected, they will take appropriate measures to correct the situation.

Determining how information collected will be used

The collection of information is limited to the purposes for which it was authorized. Otherwise, Capsana will obtain additional consent as required.


Capsana will inform and obtain consent from all persons concerned before it collects, uses or transmits personal information, unless it is inappropriate to do so under applicable laws.

Limits on information collected

Capsana will take measures to ensure that only information needed for the purpose identified will be collected. The personal information will not be transmitted or used for any purpose other than that for which consent was obtained.

Subject to applicable laws, Capsana may keep personal information on file for as long as necessary for pre-established purposes, even if the person is no longer an employee, client or participant.


Personal information is protected by security measures that are commensurate with the degree of sensitivity of the information.

Security measures protect personal information against loss or theft and against unauthorized consultation, transmission, copying, use or modification.

The nature of the security measures will vary depending on the degree of sensitivity of the personal information, the quantity, distribution and format of the information, as well as how it is conserved. Various methods may be used, such as rendering the information anonymous, restricting access, applying password protection or any other means judged to be appropriate under the circumstances.

Access to personal information

Capsana will inform anyone who inquires as to the existence of personal information, how the information is used and the fact that it has been provided to third parties, and will allow them to consult it. It will be possible to confirm the accuracy and comprehensiveness of the information and to make corrections if required. Complaints will be handled according to the appropriate procedures and within a reasonable timeframe.

This policy could be updated periodically.